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 As a mother of two young riders I can fully appreciate the costs associated with this sport but I also know first hand the importance of young rider saddle fit and balance.  Therefore, I am very excited to introduce The "Young Rider Plan" and I feel this will be a revelation for parents and young riders.

Equipe saddles have a wide range of saddles suitable for young riders but most notably the Rarity Grip with sizes starting at 14.5" up to 16", this fabulous saddle is specially designed for young riders and ponies in mind.  The next range of Equipe Saddles mainly start at 16.5" up to 18".  Amerigo Saddles generally begin at 16.5".


  • This is offered for riders who are under 16 years old.

  • This applies to any New Equipe or Amerigo Saddle purchased from Helen Dempsey

  • When the rider has outgrown the saddle Helen Dempsey will exchange it for a new saddle of the same price range as that of the original saddle for €1,400. Additional bespoke options will be at an extra cost.

  • Saddle Fitting consultations and extra saddle checks will not be included.

  • Any costs of repairs due to damage of the trade in saddle will be added to the €1,400 exchange amount.

  • The Young Rider Plan is not transferable

  • Demlay Equestrian Saddle fit Terms and Conditions apply.

For more in formation, Contact:


Helen Dempsey

Demlay Equestrian

Demlay Lodge, Doneany

Kildare, Co Kildare

086 8348820

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