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Helen Dempsey has been professionally trained to Fit Equipe and Amerigo Saddles using a template system and best saddle fitting practice. Please note I do not have every size and model available to try but I do my professional best to ensure the correct measurments. A full report on the fitting appointment will be available to the customer and pictures of the horse and template will be recorded.


The title of all goods shall remain with Helen Dempsey until paid for in full.


Returns are permitted within 14 days of saddle delivery as per consumer laws. In this case Saddles returned within 14 days will be assessed for wear and tear and subject to a charge of 15% based on use. Following this they will be taken for sale on a commission basis and payment made when saddle sold.

The customer will be entitled to a free saddle check within 3 months of taking delivery of the new saddle.


Refunds are noted in the 14 day Terms and Conditions policy. In all requests for refund, Helen Dempsey must be given the opportunity to fully review the fit of the saddle and be given reasonable time to adjust the saddle to correct the fit. If a refund is requested, please be reasonable and understanding. There is no refund for saddles ordered or purchased directly where the saddle fitting service has not been used. If it is deemed that after investigation and review of the initial fitting and template that the horse/Rider has changed shaped/Weight the responsibility lies with the customer for all charges relating to call out fees, saddle adjustments and or a 15% charge of commission for Helen Dempsey to resell the saddle. 



It  is scientifically proven fact that horses can change shape due to a number of factors, change in rider, discipline, diet, time of year etc.   This can affect saddle fit and if you feel this has happened you need to call Helen Dempsey to arrange to come out to check the fit.   All Equipe and Amerigo Saddles can be adjusted within reason, if the saddle needs to be adjusted due to the horse changing shape the customer will pay for the saddle adjustment.  You cannot return a new saddle if your horse changes shape such that the saddle no longer fits. There is no guarantee that a saddle will always fit the horse. Helen Dempsey will always welcome the opinion of the customers, coach, physio, saddle fitter and will be more than willing to work with them.  


Please note the size of the seat is extremely important to the distribution of the weight of the rider on the fit of the saddle and the welfare of the horse.  Helen Dempsey without prejudice has an obligation to recommend the correct seat size for the rider.  Please also recognize the maximum weight limits as advised by the AHT. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their horse or pony is up to weight. Riders can also change in weight from the initial saddle fit/purchase and this can effect the fir of the saddle.  


Please note Helen Dempsey has been professionally trained to fit Equipe and Amerigo saddles.  On occasion coaches, vets or physios comment on new saddle fit. More often they have not been present at the fitting and are not familiar with the Brand and how they fit.  Any issues should be put in writing to Helen Dempsey by the trainer, vet or physio, and Helen Dempsey will be more than willing to work with them. Unfortunately unsubstantiated and inaccurate comments can greatly effect the reputation of Helen Dempsey's business and the Brand, by ensuring everyone is open and honest, a constructive solution can often be found with all parties working together. Equally it can happen that some trainers have commercial links with other saddle fitters and brands and may be targeted on referrals. Please be aware of the commercial influences. If in any doubt, please book a saddle fit check and have your trainer be present for the fitting.

Helen Dempsey reserves the right to refuse to deal with an individual customer and will not tolerate bullinging of any form.

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