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Demlay Equestrian

Luxury Italian Saddles and Accessories

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Amerigo provides a complete range of top class saddles and bridlework for all disciplines

For more information on the Amerigo Brand please click on the link below


Equipe have a vast range of saddles, bridles and leather work, using only the finest materials and utilising the latest technology.

For more information on the Equipe Brand please click on the link below

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Demlay Equestrian will bring you the finest quality Used Saddles and ex demo saddles from the Equipe and Amerigo range.

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Mattes has been known for its high quality lambskin products for a century and a half.  Configure your own stunning Saddlepad, Fly Veil or Rug


Whether you are a professional athlete or recreational rider. Our riding helmets perfect fit and sophisticated design makes them the perfect companion for dressage, eventing, show jumping and just going for a ride. Around the clock. 365 days a year. Wherever you ride.


When purchasing a FinesseBridle® you aren’t investing in a regular piece of equipment, you are investing in comfort for your horse. These bridles are created with a special neckpiece, designed to distribute and reduce the regional pressure on your horse’s neck.

Using a uniquely designed fibre-material that allows the blood-flow to remain intact in the parts of the body in contact with the material.

Saddle Fitting Consultation

Expert Advice

Saddle Fitting Ireland

Helen has undergone specific Amerigo and Equipe manufacturer product fitting and training to ensure you get the best advice and fitting for you and your horse.  She can discuss all the options in detail and work closely with your vet, back specialist or chiropractor to maximise the comfort and fit of your saddle.

Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting Ireland

Once you get in contact with Helen she will arrange an appointment to travel to you or you can come to her!  She will get a full history of you and your horse, measure your horse using the Peter Menet method and then advice on the best saddle fit.  You will then have the full range of demonstration saddles to test drive! 

Price: €100 Per Horse

Ordering & Delivery

Equipe Saddles Ireland, Amerigo Saddles Ireland

Now you have decided on a new saddle Helen will discuss all options and prices.  Equipe and Amerigo offer a wide range of options on all their saddles enabling you to customize it to your specific needs.


Each new Saddle comes with:

  • Unique Saddle Cover

  • Branded Care Products

  • 2 Year leather and Craftsmanship Warranty

  • 5 Year Wooden Tree Warranty

  • Lifetime Synthetic/Carbon Tree Warranty

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Get in Touch

Helen Dempsey

Demlay Equestrian

Demlay Lodge, Doneany

Kildare, Co Kildare

086 8348820

VAT No. IE6935950U

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Equipe Saddles Ireland

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